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See all the huge hits and crunching tackles!

Pedal power - Cycling Events

Cycling enthusiasts will find loads of thrills at these upcoming events!


Step into hallowed grounds and cheer on your favourite teams in their quest for glory.

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Here are the matches that will bowl you over!

Combat Sports

The fight is on! For fast-moving, high-kicking, hard-punching action don’t miss these events.

Action sports

Here’s where you’ll find thrills, chills, high speeds and a huge level of risk!

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Take your seat for sporting greatness with tickets to events taking place this autumn and winter.


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Ticketmaster's Sporting Events Guide - Sports Event Calendar 2019 - 2020

Ticketmaster’s sporting events guide has all the sports events and games you need in 2019 and 2020. From cycling to football and athletics, the guide will ensure you’re in the know about all of the upcoming sports fixtures and sports events happening in the UK.

With the 2020 Olympics coming next year, we have all your sporting needs covered at home. So if you’re looking for things to do, we have all of your sporting needs covered. Our guide covers everything from football, rugby, cricket, tennis, combat sports, action sports, cycling, basketball and horse racing just to name a few.

Our guide is the ultimate sports calendar – we cover everything from championship games and world cup titles. We have the hottest sports tickets for a range of sporting events and leagues. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline and atmosphere at a sporting event as every sports fan knows. From watching your sporting heroes score through to the championships, to the buzz you get from cheering on your favourites, it’s a feeling like no other. Don’t miss out on some of the huge sporting action and events happening this year. Feel alive and get a slice of the action today with our Sports Guide.


Where can I find sporting events happening this week and weekend?

Our Sports Guide contains a large variety of sports events to keep every fan happy. Whether you are into rugby, football, cricket, combat and actions spot, cycling and more, our guide has a full sporting events calendar to choose from. Browse each section by date to find sports events happening this month and year, or filter sports by A-Z to quickly find your favourites.

Discover more Sports news and announcements here to keep up to date with the newest sporting events. Our Sports section also has all the latest events happening soon.

Where can I see upcoming sporting events in the UK?

Our guide covers all the main sports stadiums and venues across the United Kingdom.

Some Sports stadiums and venues with upcoming sporting events across the UK include:

This is a short list of some venues and even more stadiums can be found in our complete guide.

What upcoming cycling events are happening in 2019? 

Our guide includes a dedicated cycling section with upcoming events.

These include the following cycling sports events:

The UCI Track Cycling World Cup 2019 and the Six Day Cycling series will have cycling enthusiasts happy this October and November 2019. Or if you’re into something a little more extreme, why not check out the amazing Nitro World Games happening in Cardiff in May next year!

What exciting big sporting events are happening in the UK in 2019 and 2020? 

2020 is set to be a massive year for Sports. Along with the 2020 Olympics happening internationally, you can also look forward to the following UK sporting events:

Where can I get football tickets for upcoming matches in the UK?

If you’re looking for where to buy football tickets, you’ve come to the right place. Ticketmaster cover tickets for all of the main football clubs. Our football section includes tickets for football matches and events happening this year and into 2020.

Some of our football tickets and matches can be found for the following football clubs:

Please note these are just some of the clubs and you can see the full list in our dedicated football events section.

Where can I get rugby tickets for upcoming matches in the UK?

Our rugby section has all of the upcoming rugby matches and tickets for games in both 2019 and 2020. Whether you’re looking for tickets for the next Rugby World Cup or tickets to your local club, our guide has you covered.

Some upcoming rugby matches, and tickets include the following clubs:

Where can I get cricket tickets for upcoming matches in the UK?

England were the winners of the 2019 Cricket World Cup in a spectacular game in July 2019. If you’re looking for even more cricket action, check out our cricket section for upcoming games. Upcoming cricket events include Vitality Blast this September 2019. We cover cricket venues such as the The Kia Oval in London and stadiums across the UK.

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