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Get incredible group deals on productions in the West End and all across the UK.

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School Trip Ideas

Ticketmaster connects you and your pupils to live entertainment with school group discounts and helpful resources.

Ticketmaster’s Group Tickets, Bookings and Education Guide 2021 & 2022

Ticketmaster’s Group Booking Guide is the ultimate resource for finding trips and tickets for large groups for all forms of live entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a large group booking to theatre, sports, music, concerts, festivals and more, our guide has everything you need.  The majority of these events are for 10 or more people, but some just require 6 – 8+ people. The guide benefits all group organisers, social clubs, coach operators, inbound and domestic tour operators, schools and more.

Group Tickets – Get fantastic discounts when you book 10 or more tickets

From spectacular West End musicals and world class concerts, to sports and side-splitting comedy, at Ticketmaster you can get it all. And with new events added on a daily basis you’ll know there’s always a fresh and exciting reason to return time and time again for group tickets. We can offer a range of group discounts for the very best tickets at the very best prices. Where group rates are not available, we can still book your group for you. We have an experienced sales team, personally interested in the product they supply and able to deal with any type and size of group request.

Our Guide is a split into different sections to help you easily find the tickets you are looking for. These include Hot tickets, featuring some of the most popular group events, and new rates, which shows exciting new group events. Alongside this, the guide also contains group tickets for music, festivals & concerts, theatre, arts & comedy, family events & attractions, and sporting events.

Educational trips for students – Do you need school trip ideas?

You’ve come to the right place. Our Education section of our groups guide is full of ideas for the annual school tour and educational trips. From school trip ideas in London and educational events across the UK, our guide has you covered. We also have resource packs available for certain events.

Ticketmaster connects you and your pupils to live entertainment. Inspire and ignite an interest in culture and arts by bringing your students to see a play live in theatre, explore educational exhibitions or attend the biggest sporting events and much more – at Ticketmaster you can get it all.

Student groups and school tour resource packs

Our dedicated Education section is the ultimate guide for teachers and students alike for special school rates along with school trip resources. Enhance your students’ experience with the activities and resources included in the complimentary resource pack. These curriculum-linked education packs are great tools to use in the classroom before and after your visit. Click on the ‘Resources’ link in the Events tab above, to view and download relevant content along with booking your school group tickets.

Our resource packs help students to explore the themes of some of Ticketmaster’s best loved events, including Disney’s The Lion King to Wicked! With all this and many more in our education guide, it really is a no brainer.

FAQs – Ticketmaster Group Bookings and Tickets

What London theatre shows have group tickets?

London theatre group tickets are available to book for the following West End musicals and shows:

There are many more London theatre shows with group bookings – check out all group bookings in our theatre section, or contact us through our Group Booking Form. Please note group bookings are subject to availability.

Does Ticketmaster have group rates?

Yes, Ticketmaster has great group discount rates for groups of 10 or more. For certain events there are also group rates for groups of 6, 8 or more. Our Groups guide contains all of our events which offer group rates and tickets.

How do you get group tickets on Ticketmaster?

Getting tickets for groups through Ticketmaster couldn’t be easier. Just select your event based on this groups guide page and it will bring you to the groups guide link for that event. From here, just fill in the form with the event name, number of tickets required, your group type and the date and times you need, along with your contact details.

How many people counts as a group booking?

Most group bookings require 10 or more people, however for some events and promoters, a group consists of either 6+ or 8+ people.

What’s the benefit of having a group booking?

Group bookings allow you to save money and access fantastic discounts. There are a range of group discount rates and where group rates are not available, we can still book your group for you.

Are there limits to group bookings?

Ticketmaster is dedicated to providing a complete service for group organisers, social clubs, coach operators, inbound and domestic tour operators, schools and more. Any type of group can be fully catered to and we strive to make it as simple as possible for our group events.

What group events are available?

Our group guides page will contain all the events which are eligible for group booking options. You can navigate by section, such as music, comedy or theatre. You can filter these sections by date range or A-Z.

What type of events are in the groups guide?

Our group guide contains events of various genres and types. The groups guide covers everything from West End theatre, sports, concerts, music events, festivals, family fun, attractions, tours, arts and comedy.

What type of group discounts can I get?

Group discounts can include special discounted group rates, early bird price rates, and offers such as getting an additional ticket for free.

Do you do bookings for school trips?

Yes, Ticketmaster has a wide variety of events across the UK – perfect for organising the school tour or an interactive education trip for the whole class to enjoy. Our education related events also have resource packs which you can view and download from our guide. These include reflective exercises based on a theatre show for example, so the students can learn from the experience as well as having plenty of fun!

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