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Ticketmaster's Metal Music Guide - Metal Gigs, Concerts & Tours 2021 & 2022

Our Metal Music Events Guide has you covered for all your metal needs, whether you’re a heavy death metal fan or more of a hard rock fan. Watch your favourite death metal band play live and experience the electric atmosphere and sound of a metal gig. We’ve got your thrash metal needs covered and we list all of the death metal bands going on tour and who are playing the the metal scene this year. Our guide covers heavy metal, thrash, black and death metal acts coming to the UK on tour this year and in 2021 & 2022.

Need ideas for your next metal gig? We’ve curated a metal playlist featuring all of the upcoming bands going on tour in the UK and around the world. Listen to new and classic songs and look forward to seeing your next favourite performer on stage. Check out our metal music playlist here.

Get tickets to some of the best UK metal concerts and get ready to thrash it out at your next heavy metal gig. Legendary metal musicians such as Metallica toured the UK in 2019 with big acts such as Ghost still to come. So what are you waiting for? Find your next big metal gig this year or discover new music using our guide to find the best events this year and in 2021 & 2022.


What metal musicians are on tour? Where can I find heavy metal music tours?

Our Metal Music Guide contains all the artists on tour in the UK now, along with upcoming tours in 2021 & 2022. Huge rock acts and bands are included, along with an A-Z of the latest metal musicians touring the UK. We also cover new musicians and metallers on the scene, from arena stadium tours to smaller gigs.

For even more music and artists on tour, check out our Concert and Tours Guide. 

Where can I hear about metal gig announcements and tours?

We announce all upcoming tours and concerts so you can be the first to know when your favourite metal band or artist is performing. Discover more events and check out the latest metal and heavy metal tour announcements here.

Where can I find metal gigs happening this week and this month?

If you’re looking to get your metal music fix this week, weekend or month, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the full list of our metal concerts happening now.

Where can I find new music?

If you’re looking for metal music, then check out our metal music playlist here. If you’re looking for even more new music, discover new music every week on our blog. We also review our selected Album of the Week, so you know who to listen to this week and the best new albums.

Where can I find heavy metal festivals?

Our Festival Finder guide allows you to filter festivals by music genre. Simply filter festivals by the metal genre and find your next metal festival.

Where can I see London metal gigs?

Our metal music guide covers all the London venues, from Alexandra Palace, to the O2 Academy venues. Our UK Venues Guide covers all the London venues hosting concerts and events, including Brixton, Clapham, Camden, Dalston & more.  Browse our guide and find London metal gigs happening near you. If you’re looking for even more London events, then check out our London Guide. 

What types of metal music are there?

There are a variety of sub genres of the main metal music genre. These include:


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