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Ticketmaster's Classical Music Concerts Guide

The most refined events are right here in Ticketmaster’s Classical Guide, for everyone who needs the latest in ballet, opera, and classical music. Whether you are after dance, symphony orchestras, or beautiful arias, there’s something on the classical guide for culture lovers of all kinds.

Book a classical concert in London all year round with Ticketmaster. There is always something or someone big playing at venues like the Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Festival Hall, or the Barbican Hall.

We cater for everyone with classical music concerts of all sorts. You can go for a BBC Proms in the Park summertime experience with huge orchestras under the stars, or plan a big trip to see the classical London concerts that people flock to year after year. Find all of the best upcoming performances in classical theatre and arts, classical music events, choirs and more with our Classical Guide.

Catch a choral recital, attend a prize-winning orchestra or a late-night jazz evening. Join in the chorus and get tickets for an amazing orchestral event happening soon. From violins to cellos, from string quartets to world-class composers, our Classical Guide has it all.

What can I find in the Classical Music Guide?

All the best classical musicians feature on our Classical Guide. If your favourite has just announced an upcoming show or a tour, you will find them right here. All the shows with big symphony orchestras appear here too including big cultural events such as the BBC Proms in the Park.

The best in opera music, including The English National Opera, are right here for people hunting out the best performances of Carmen and Madam Butterfly.

If you love to see the world’s best dancers perform and accompany the best in classical music, you’ll love seeing what ballet we have for you. From classical fairy and folk tales to the newest productions, there’s nothing better than seeing the best performers turning the world’s most technical dance form into a story for everyone.

Ballet is not the only dance you can experience on the Classical Guide. Other classical dance shows are here to pique your fancy like Riverdance and Heartbeat of Home. Explore the range of traditional dance shows and buy tickets to Irish dancing, Latin, and Cuban performances.

Best in Classical Music Events 

The biggest classical events of the year are all here on Ticketmaster. The BBC Proms always have something happening with Proms in the Park in the summer and huge concerts all year round.

This is also where you want to be when you’re looking for the biggest names when they go on tour, bringing the highlights of their classical careers to their fans. Have a browse to see the latest shows.

Concerts Coming Soon

See The Maestro himself Andrea Bocelli and his renowned tenor this October at various venues, or why not watch Sarah Brightman perform her amazing soprano this November.  The Word of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration and experience a live symphony orchestra directed by conductor Gavin Greenaway.

Best in Opera, Ballet and Dance Shows

Expect the greatest operas from the best composers of all time when you browse the Classical Guide. From the prestige of the English National Opera to incredible touring productions, there will always be tickets available to a great opera. Either see what is coming to a town near you or plan a trip to London to see the best of the best.

Dance fans from budding ballerinas to quick-footed river dancers to street stars will love the range of dance shows on offer in our Classical Guide. If you love Strictly and Britain’s Got Talent, keep checking back with the guide to see if any TV dance stars feature in their own shows.

Upcoming Dance Shows 

Classical Concerts 2020 – 2020 Shows

Films in Concert

Satisfy the movie buff and classical music aficionado in you with one perfect night with our Films in Concerts. From huge blockbusters to the most loved romantic films, there’s always a show on that will take you back to big franchises. Whether you go to enjoy a full musical experience or a screening with a full orchestra, your films in concert experience is bound to be a night out to remember.

Live Film Concerts Coming Soon

Films in concert live 2020

What’s on this Christmas?

The only way to get festive every winter is to catch a classical show that brings you back to what makes Christmas so good. Get your little ones dipping their toes into the classical world by bringing them along to a matinee of The Nutcracker ballet in London or Birmingham. The festive music and enchanting story told is the perfect Christmas treat that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

For a night that’s a little more grown up, you could take in classical music by candlelight, in full period costume at Four Seasons by Candlelight or in complete festive splendour. We have tickets for all the biggest and best carol concerts for everyone who loves the traditional things at Christmas.

For a classical festival this Christmas, why not check our Raymond Gubbay’s Christmas Festival, taking place in London’s Royal Festival Hall and The Barbican. The classical music festival also takes place in Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and Symphony Hall in Birmingham in December 2019. Enjoy the Philharmonia Orchestra join Kings College Choir on Stage for Christmas classics and carols.

Classical Shows Coming this winter – December 2019


How long is a classical concert?

Each concert is different, but you can expect one and a half to two hours spent listening to classical music by a symphony orchestra. A ballet or an opera would be closer to three hours, but some can last longer. If you’re going to something like Proms in the Park, expect to be out all night!

Do I need to dress up?

Unless it’s stated otherwise, there is no dress code to go and see any of our classical concerts. The relaxed rules shouldn’t put you off trying out an evening gown and full-length gloves though. The ballet is also the perfect opportunity for every little ballet dancer to see The Nutcracker for the first time in a tutu and a tiara. Classical concerts are for everyone, and we want everyone to feel comfortable.

Where can I see classical music in London?

There are a number of classical music venues, events and concert halls in London. These include the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Opera House, Piccadilly Theatre, Richmond Theatre, Eventim Apollo, London Coliseum, The Barbican to name a few.

Classical concerts London include:

London Opera Shows 2020 include:

For more events in London, check out the blog and our London Guide. You can also view our city guides and days out guides for events across the UK.

Are classical tickets refundable?

Unless concerts are cancelled, tickets cannot be refunded. If you find you cannot make your ballet, opera, or concert, you can always list them on our Fan-to-Fan Resale Ticket Exchange. Even if you end up missing out, you will be making another classical fan’s day and you get your money back with every successful sale.

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